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The Bocconi Students M&A Circle and the Bocconi Students Private Equity Club are proud to invite you to the first M&A and PE competition in Bocconi: Bocconians at the Game!
BSMAC and BSPE Club have been hired by Time Capital Partners (TCP), one of their long-established private equity clients, to advise on three potential acquisition opportunities for its portfolio company MereCash .

Ready to advise MereCash on their next acquisition? Join the competition and remember to:
1) Choose a name for your team and write it on the wall of the event, along with the names of the members
2) Send your team composed of 3-5 people and the respective CVs to

The deadline for the application is Saturday 14th November 2015 at 23.59.
You will receive a confirmation email no later than the 16th of November.
Join us for this unique opportunity!